5 Tips to Feel Sexy this Valentine's Day (and any day) February 10 2014, 0 Comments

No matter what your age, every woman wants to feel sexy. Let’s face it, it’s just a great confidence boost when we walk through a crowd and notice a couple of men taking a second glance. With romance in the air, February is a great time to boost your sex appeal, and with it boost your self-confidence. Here are a few easy tips to have your inner bombshell peaking through.

  1. Go without underwear! Go Free Pants were designed for comfort, but let’s face it, there’s just something sexy about walking around knowing you’re only one layer away from “ta da!” If you are still hesitant about ditching the panties, wear some lacy underwear. Sure, no one will see it but you, but knowing that lacy thing is on under your warm sweater or wool suit will go a long way toward making you feel sexy on the inside.
  2. Practice good posture. Have you ever noticed how women with a confident stride just look more sure of themselves? Hold your head high and your shoulders back, and people will notice.
  3. Get a new haircut. Whether you trim up your ends or get a whole new style, a couple hours in the salon chair always makes you feel great.
  4. Wear a little heel. Even if you’re not a fan of high heels, wearing shoes with just an inch or so of a heel will help put a swing in your step.
  5. Get yourself some red lipstick! Bright lips are fun, and there’s a shade for any skin tone. Check out the hints from Redbook and find one that works for you.


Go get your sexy on this Valentine’s Day!