Look Great in this Spring's Collarless Jacket February 18 2014, 0 Comments

One of my favorite new styles for spring is the collarless jacket. Sure, it’s been around in multiple forms for years, but this season look for it to make a comeback, with a sexier look.

Why do I like this style so much? For one, it’s comfortable. You can add a layer of warmth without feeling stifled by something up close to your neck.

I also love that the look is so versatile. Collarless jackets can be paired with everything from a pair of jeans to a nice suit. Throw on a colorful jacket with a pair of jeans and you’ve got an outfit with instant class. They pair well with any pants in our Go Free collection to dress up your look for work or casual get-togethers. And put over a more formal dress or skirt, you’ve got an elegant look that will make heads turn.

Collarless jackets are great in classic hues such as black and navy as these will pair with almost anything and have a timeless look. But be on the lookout for some trendy fun colors in this style as well. This spring pastels are hot, especially pinks and baby blues, which help add a softness to the tailored look of a collarless jacket.

Finally, a collarless jacket is a great way to show off your favorite necklace or scarf. The sleek style doesn’t add bulk, helping your accessory pack an even bigger punch.

Throw away your previous image of this being the style for a grandma on her way to church! With new colors, patterns and fabrics, as well as the ability to accessorize in a variety of ways, this might be the one purchase you need this spring to revitalize your wardrobe.

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