Following the Pro Bloggers! March 11 2014, 0 Comments

Will sunglasses with large lenses still be what people are wearing this year? How long (or short) should shorts be this summer? Heels: spiked or blocked? Fashion is an ever-changing entity, and the only good way to keep up with the trends is to keep your eyes open and look at what people are wearing around you, at the office, on TV and in the magazines.

That’s where fashion bloggers come into play. I’ve found a few that I love to follow, because their insight in the fashion world excites me and helps keep me inspired. Everyone’s taste is different, but in the blogosphere, anyone can make a statement! Here are a few I like. Check them out, and share with us other fashion bloggers that light up your style world.

The Zoe Report
What I love about Rachel Zoe’s blog is that it is packed full of news. It’s the best place to learn about the latest trends, what to watch for, and to get a peek into the future as she reports on fashion week each season.

She Finds
The tagline is “what to wear and how to get it,” and it’s very true. This blog is kept up by a staff of writers, all out searching for the latest fashion trends and the best places to buy them. You’ll not only get inspiration from these blogs, but will find great sales and deals as well.

Another blog published by an editorial team, this is the place to go for all-around beauty advice and styles. It has a real eye on pop culture, which is important when staying abreast of the latest looks and trends.