Go Commando? You're Not Alone! March 18 2014, 0 Comments

It seems more and more Americans are learning the secret that we’ve known at Go Free Pants for quite some time -- it’s great to go commando!

It was what was Trending on Today last week, thanks to a recent Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes poll on fashion that found out a whopping 25% of Americans admit to going commando occasionally.

While Britney Spear’s fashion faux pas brought going commando into the spotlight a few years ago in a not so classy way, it hasn’t taken long for the idea of going commando to take off, whether you do it for comfort, for your health or purely for fashion’s sake! For instance, check out this beautiful sheer dress Jennifer Lawrence sported at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. She’s not apologetic at all as she struts her stuff in a stunning gown that tells the world she’s without panties.

Then the following Friday, the trend showed up in the UK as men ditched their underwear for the Male Cancer Awareness “Going Commando” campaign. Thanks to Twitter, #goingcommando turned into a great way to let men know the importance of getting annual check-ups for prostate and testicular cancer. After all, prevention saves lives.

Join in the 25% of Americans that are living life free of underwear. We make it easy with the many choices of stylish yet comfortable pants here at Go Free Pants. Browse around, do some shopping, and take advantage of the winter sale still going on.