Summer, Sand, Sun and Sexy YOU! June 21 2014, 0 Comments

Sexy?  Me?  YES YOU!

If I asked you, "Do you feel sexy?", what would you say?  I wish you would say "YES!", but most of you would probably say "Sexy?  Me?  Heck no!"  Well, let's find a few ways to change that right now!


Tips For Feeling Sexy At Any Age or Shape

"You're at your peak when you're surrounded by sexiness," says Jenn Berman, PsyD, psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, California. "So making little alterations to your routine will mean everything you do becomes a whole lot more enjoyable."  It's summertime, which is the perfect time of year to apply these tips so you, yes YOU, can feel sexy this summer.

  1. Dinner Party - Throw a dinner party for friends and assign seats so instead of the girls and guys going to separate corners, it's boy/girl/boy/girl seating.  Serve something spicy. Hot peppers release some of the same endorphins as sex does, so a recipe that calls for them will leave everyone feeling a bit more...satisfied.  Experts say that red is an arousing color that gets people's blood pumping, so a bouquet of red dahlias in the middle of your table or a glass bowl with pomegranates, strawberries, or even red marbles will set the mood.  When it comes to the music, try laid-back reggae, '60s soul, or Spanish music like Gipsy Kings and Andrés Segovia. They are all provocative and ooze sexiness.  Soft lighting is flattering, and when people feel more attractive, it boosts the sexy vibe. Switch your regular lightbulbs for peach-colored ones or group several candles in various areas. Another option: Grab some white Christmas lights and string them around the room.
  2. Movie Night At Home - Instead of popcorn, try a bar of dark chocolate and red wine which go GREAT together.  Pop in a movie with a steamy plotline...and a little bit of skin. And since you're home, you can wear something sexy, like going commando in Go Free Pants , or some sexy lingerie.  Give each other hand massages. They aren't so distracting that you'll miss the action, but the physical connection will make your bodies hum.
  3. At The Job - Run to a local nail salon on your lunch break, and get a 15-minute chair massage.  It's impossible to feel sexy when you're tense, so loosening up your body will help you feel good even when you're piled with work.  Make lunch an event by packing a spread of olives, bread, cheese, fruit, and nuts. Then, if you can, take it outside to eat.  Making lunch a sumptuous break, instead of a 10-minute feeding frenzy, will help you truly savor the experience. And before headed back to work, texting your boyfriend a naughty midday message will get you both fired up for quitting time.
  4. The Bathroom - A place where women spend A LOT of time so make it something special.  Store the essentials like cotton swabs and balls in decorative containers, pick up some scented candles-research shows that cucumber is an arousing aroma for most women, and when you're really in the mood to indulge, a candlelit bath with oils and flower petals will feel sultry. Create an erotic feel by hanging art, gorgeous photos or sketches of male and female bodies. Think along the lines of a close-up of the curve of a woman's hip.
  5. Friday Night - After a long week, throw on a breezy summer dress in a bright color to feel more flirty instantly. As you tell your guy about your week, lightly stroke his forearm. Touch therapists have found that light touches make people feel aroused and sexier.  Research shows that live music turns you on more than recorded music, so find somewhere to check out a laid-back show.
  6. The Bedroom - Treat your skin to a hydrating mask.  For the evenings when you're not with your guy, use Skype to say good night. Seeing each other as opposed to just hearing each other's voices before bed is far more intimate.  Pick up a pair of pj's that make you feel hot. Try something made of satin — it will caress your skin and keep you cool.  Your makeup may be off and your hair may be a bit messy, but taking one last second to primp can make you feel great. Keep a bottle of your favorite perfume on your nightstand, and spritz your body once before you crawl under the covers.


I hope these tips will help you enjoy the freedom to feel sexy at any age or shape.  And as always, enjoy the freedom to Go Free!

- Tina