Summer’s Sexy New Trend: High-Waisted Shorts July 08 2014, 0 Comments

Remember back in the 80s, when all pants had waistbands that actually came up to your waist? Well guess what, it’s coming back in style! At least with shorts. This summer I’ve been seeing high-waisted shorts all over the place, from bleached-out denim shorts on teens to throwback, glamor shorts with six front buttons on women of all ages.

You know what I love about this trend? It’s flattering to so many body shapes, especially those of us that might not have rock-hard abs. Ever since giving birth to a 10 pound, 10 ounce baby boy (that’s right, I grew that big boy right in my own tummy!), my stomach has never bounced back to its pre-maternity flatness. But rather than worrying about it, I just embrace it and off I go. These shorts are great for concealing the trouble spots and highlighting the sexy spots!

Pick out your favorite style and hit the streets in top fashion. I like to pair a blousy peasant shirt with mine for an airy romantic look. These shorts also look great with a more fitted style to highlight your waist. Pick out a shiny belt and some flashy sandals to complete the look.

Remember, no matter what you wear, high-waisted shorts or a pair of our oh-so-sexy Go Free Pants, make sure it’s something you feel great in, and you’ll be sure to look and feel your sexy best.