Take a Break! It’s Only Fashionable August 19 2014, 0 Comments

Did you know that in France, most people are given a 30-day vacation? Imagine the chaos if everyone was taking their 30-day vacation privilege at different times during the year! To help maintain some order and keep the economy going, most companies in France just shut down for the month of August.

In the fashion world, this timing seems a little strange. After all, September is the month of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and the fashion capital itself, Paris. Wouldn’t you think they would need to be hard at work during August to be ready? But for a country like France that places a high priority on balancing work and leisure, the time off is highly important. And the top designers will all be ready at the end of September, showing off fabulous new designs for Spring and Summer 2015 on their striking runway models.

As the hot, humid days of August bear down on us, I’m starting to think there’s something we can all learn from the French. I’d love to have the month of August off, as it can be a challenging time to look sexy and put together while worrying about your makeup running and sweat stains seeping through your nice clothes. Add to that it’s rather hard to concentrate on writing memos and attending meetings when sandy beaches and cool mountain retreats beckon.

The fact is we all need a vacation. It might not be a forced vacation in August here in the United States, but taking time off from work is crucial to maintaining a healthy disposition, and could even increase your productivity when you are at work. If you’ve already taken your summer vacation this year, good for you! If not, take a tip from the fashion experts in Paris and jet off somewhere for a few days in August. If you can’t afford to make a getaway, enjoy a staycation! A few hours at the pool, a nice round of golf or even just sitting on your own patio, all with your phones and emails turned off and work out of mind, can do wonders for your mental outlook.

We all know that feeling good is the most important step to a sexy you! So take a few days off, relax, eat well, get plenty of sleep, do some shopping and rejuvenate. And in the meantime, we’ll all be anxiously awaiting what the fashion world will bring in September.