Getting in Sync with Fall Styles October 21 2014, 0 Comments

I love the weather this time of year. Cool, crisp mornings are so invigorating, and soaking up the sun on those warm, Indian-summer afternoons helps me remember that even though cold weather is on its way, there’s always the promise of summer next year. But the cold/hot/cold/hot weather this time of year comes with its own challenges -- what to wear?!

Coming up with outfits in the fall can be extremely difficult. It’s definitely not as clear cut as the sweater, jacket-wearing time of winter or the sundress or shorts summer months. While many days you can get by with short sleeves or light sweaters, you don’t want to pull out the same colors you were wearing in the spring and summer. And what about the chilly mornings? Is it time for wool socks and clogs already?

Personally, I like to layer up in the fall. A business-like t-shirt works well under a light cotton sweater or blazer. Or layer up the bottom, with leggings under a casual skirt. If temperatures rise during the day, you can always peel off the leggings and show off the remnants of your summer tan. I also lover our own Lindsay Corduroy pants, which keep you nice and warm.


It also helps to keep your wardrobe fresh. Get inspired with some of these trends for fall 2014.

  • Short boots. Whether above the ankle or a little higher, now is definitely the time for booties. This season, think outside the box a little and don’t shell out big bucks for traditional black or brown. Instead look for something with some pizzazz, like the pink sparkly shoes highlighted in the Zoe Report, or burgundy leather boots.
  • Orange. A color usually associated with kids and Halloween is making its mark in women’s fashion. Like red, it can be a daring statement, or you can choose to wear your orange a little more subdued.
  • Plaid. Forever a staple of fall, it’s a must-have in 2014. Check out our plaid pants when you shop Go Free Pants, they’re a great piece to add to your transitional wardrobe.
  • Fleece. Thanks to this wonderful invention, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Great for those weekends when you’re outside at soccer games or small-town festivals, a good fleece jacket is a must-have. Get one that fits nicely, and is a little tailored and not so bulky.

What are some of your favorite styles for fall? Share them here with the Go Free Pants community. After all, we learn best from each other!