Go Commando, It’s Good For You! August 25 2015, 0 Comments

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the health benefits of wearing pants without underwear. But this time of year, with the hot, humid weather, is the perfect time to bring it up again.

Did you know that it’s actually healthier to go without underwear, especially for women who suffer from chronic bladder or yeast infections? The reason is because yeast grows in warm, moist environments. And wearing a layer of clothing right next to your body, especially when it’s just one of multiple layers, can trap that moisture right next to your private parts. Couple that with the heat of the end of summer, and it’s a perfect invitation for issues.

Some gynecologists, such as Dr. Kate in her Gynotalk blog, recommend to their patients to go without underwear to help prevent the conditions that cause yeast infections and other forms of vaginal itching. Of course, some patients are hesitant to try going commando. Obviously, going without underwear at night is one thing, but no underwear during the day can be a leap of faith for some, but we are here to say – go for it!  You may surprise yourself at how much you like it!

That’s one of the inspirations for Go Free Pants. Our patent-pending design is different than most pants you’re used to. We’ve done away with that coarse cross-seam and created a comfort cotton panel so you can enjoy a new level of comfort and feel your best without underwear. Even if you choose to wear an undergarment, the fact that the cross seam is gone makes our pant so much more comfortable than traditional pants with that irritating cross seam.

Of course, the added benefit to the Go Free design is there are no more panty lines to worry about. So you can get the fit, fashion and smooth look you want without the discomfort of a thong. And all while knowing you’re doing something good for your body!

Make sure you stay healthy by visiting your doctor for an annual check-up once a year, and stay on top of all of your healthcare screenings, mammograms included if you’re over 40.

Enjoy the final dog days of summer in August, and for Pete’s sake, try going commando!  We think you’re going to love it, especially when wearing Go Free Pants