September Newsletter: Go Free's Makeover In Time for Fall September 26 2013, 0 Comments

Change is not only a good thing but can be very exciting! After three years, Go Free Pants decided it was time for a makeover! We LOVE our new website and are so excited to share it with you. Check out how fun and sexy you will feel in Go Free Pants. And with Labor Day behind us, we are kissing summer good-bye with our End Of Summer Sale offering Elizabeth Capris at 40% OFF!

With September comes Fall Fashion so here are the hottest trends you will see in the stores this season...

  • Pretty In Pink - various shades of pink will be a hot trend this fall
  • Fabric Blocking - it's not just about blocks of colors this season but blocking various fabrics and textures will be big
  • Plaid - everything from houndstooth, tartan and checkered, plaid will be everywhere, including Go Free's Tina Plaid Business Casual
  • Leather - the season would not be complete without this favorite
  • Molten Metallics - including cool silver and rich gold, shine on in metallic
  • Grunge Is Back - if you are missing 1992, you're about to get your teen spirit back Prints - the wilder the better this fall - your mind will blow when you see what's coming!

If I asked you if you feel sexy, what would you say? I hope you would say "Yes!", but many of you would say, "Sexy? Me? Are you kidding?" Well get ready ladies! I am hosting an amazing telesummit in October FREE OF CHARGE featuring 21 experts who will help you...yes YOU...feel sexy at any age or shape. Watch for information on how to sign up for this awesome FREE telesummit coming soon!

In case you haven't heard, Go Free Pants are now sold on Amazon! They called us in June and had us at "Hello"! So when you are browsing all the great products sold on Amazon, don't forget to check out Go Free Pants while you are there!

Enjoy the final warm days of summer, get ready to show off your fall fashion as the days begin to cool, and as always, enjoy the freedom to Go Free!




Tina Ketchie Stearns

President & Founder