October Newsletter: Holiday Season Is Here! October 29 2013, 0 Comments

I built my first fire in the fireplace this past weekend which is a sure sign the 2013 holiday season is close at hand. As you gear up for holiday shopping or compiling your own wish list, here are the must haves for the holiday season so you can step out with confidence knowing you are rocking the current trends. Among the top 4 major fashion trends are...

  1. Lace lace and more lace - it will be everywhere!
  2. Plaids
  3. Florals
  4. Sexy is big this year including slit skirts,peek a boo tunics and ripped denim. Of course if you're talking sexy, you have to include Go Free Pants!

While you are out shopping, here are 14 Holiday Fashion Do's And Don'ts thanks to Marie Claire to keep in mind. A definite Don't is wearing a thong - check this video out if you don't believe us. No need to wear a thong with Go Free Pants! Finally, when the stress of the holidays starts to catch up to you, check out these 21 Essential Holiday Beauty tips and tricks to keep you sane and gorgeous!

Remember to Breathe

This can be a crazy time of year, so while you are checking off your to do list, remember to stop and breathe. Drink in the wonderful moments the next few months will bring into your life. Remember to do something special for someone who cannot do for themselves. Enjoy this fun, action packed time of year. Enjoy the fun retail therapy can bring, while remembering the best things in life are free. And as always, enjoy the freedom to Go Free!



Tina Ketchie Stearns
President & Founder