Our 5 Favorite Spring Fashion Trends March 11 2015, 0 Comments

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more refreshing than pulling your sundresses and sandals out of your closet. Especially after the winter we’ve just been through, with record-breaking snowfalls in Boston and very cold temperatures throughout most of the country in February and even early this month, we’ll all be ready to trade our wool sweaters and heavy coats for some t-shirts, sexy capris and flirty skirts.

Sometime it’s hard to bring those runway styles into your own wardrobe, but from what I saw on the runways for spring, I think we’ll all have fun adapting the ideas of top designers into our own, everyday fashion. Here are some of my favorite trends.  I love them not only because they’re cheery, but getting these styles is also pretty affordable!

  1. Floral prints- From bathing suits to shoes, you’ll see flowers all over the place this spring. And we’re not talking dainty little buttercups here. These patterns are full of big, bold flowers with bright splashes of color. I love how a pair of heels with a floral print can really brighten up a pair of our Kathryn pants in stone!
  2. Gingham- Yes, that innocent checked pattern you may remember from your childhood days is coming back in style. It’s been around a few seasons in men’s shirts, and now we’re seeing it in women’s clothes as well. There is just something fresh and clean about gingham that I can’t resist.

  3. Top-to-toe white- Put away those blacks and grays of winter. Spring is all about white, from head to toe! It might sound like a neutral, but wearing all white makes a pretty bold statement.
  4. Suede for Spring- That’s right, the material normally delegated to fall and winter is hanging around a few more months. Trade in your dark, heavy overcoat for a lighter suede jacket or vest. But make sure it’s in a light, spring-like color as well! Pale pink or green suede looks great in the bright days of spring.
  5. Looks from the 70’s- You read right, the decade of choice for the retro look is now the 70’s, but it’s toned down
    just a little! Wide pants, jumpsuits and even fringe are making a comeback. I think I might just have to try a fringe shirt with my favorite pair of Go Free Pants!