Embracing Boot Season: Short, Long and In-Between! December 08 2015, 0 Comments

One thing I love about fall and winter fashion is the opportunity to pull out my boots. Or better yet, to go shopping for new boots! They are such versatile shoes -- they keep your feet warm and protected, they can be sturdy and practical or feminine and flirty, and they add panache to almost any outfit.

I have noticed one thing among my friends over the years. Some people are very adamant about the type of boot they like to wear. I have friends who will only wear tall boots, while others are strictly ankle boots. I actually like to go both ways, depending on the outfit. And this fall there’s a new style that might help bring the two factions together, the midi boot. Designed to fall halfway between the ankle and the knee, it offers the best of both worlds!

Here’s a short breakdown of this winter’s styles.





Ankle boots. [Pictured: Valentino boots from Zappos.] With super-high heels and all sorts of configurations, there’s an ankle boot style to fit almost anyone’s taste. This winter you’ll see ankle boots with a wrap-around look, boots that are all glammed up with studs, suede or metallic-hued materials and boots with creative cutouts. Ankle boots work great with jeans and pants, dressing up your somewhat casual outfits. Pair them up with our Lindsay Corduroy jeans for a great winter look.

Tall Boots.
 [PIctured: Gray suede from Anthropologie.] These might be seen as the classic, the long silhouette that envelopes a leg all the way from the foot up to the knee and beyond. Whether you like an ultra-feminine lace-up boot, traditional leather or a more daring fringe, the variety of styles en vogue this winter make it hard to choose just one. These boots work great with skinny jeans, leggings and mini-skirts.

Midi Boots. [Pictured: Red leather boots from] Borrowing a cue from the Old West, the traditional cowboy-boot look of some midis gives a glimpse to where this style came from. But the midi offers a lot more than the traditional brown leather. Perfect for a person who doesn’t really want the thigh-high boot but isn’t comfortable with ankle boots, this style is a compromise that works for everyone. You’ll find them in styles ranging from casual to elegant, high-heeled versions. They’re a perfect match for the longer, flowing skirts and also work well with skinny jeans. 

Check out my friends at Bootights for fun ways to accessorize your boots. 

What is your go-to boot? Are you a fan of the ankle boot, or do you lace up some thigh-high boots before heading out? Comment below and let us know!


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