Glamming it Up for the Oscars February 18 2015, 0 Comments

I love watching the Oscars. But more than finding out whether Boyhood or Birdman snags the best picture award, I’m glued to the television to see what everyone is wearing. I start early, watching the red carpet pre-shows. After all, that’s where you really get a good glimpse of the magnificent gowns and wacky outfits, especially for stars who are attending but not presenting or nominated for an award.

It’s so much fun to see the glamor and what fashion statements these starlets will make. After all, some of what we see does filter down into the everyday world, from color choices to hem lengths.

If the Golden Globes are any indication, I expect we’ll see quite a bit of color at this year’s Oscars. Red and yellow were the big players at the Golden Globes, a trend that’s sure to be continued this weekend. And my prediction - some royal blue. The color seems to be popping up everywhere, and will be a great, eye-catching color to contrast with the red carpet. Of course, the majority of stars opt for neutral colors, but they never quite look neutral on the red carpet, with jeweled accents and daring cuts livening up dresses of off-white, silver, and the evening-gown staple, black.

While it’s not likely we get a chance to dress like a movie star going to the Oscars in our own everyday life, why not use the Oscars as your chance to live it up a little? Rather than just watching the red carpet specials at home and sending out tweets into cyberspace, gather up your friends for a Red Carpet Party. I held one last year and it was loads of fun! Encourage everyone you invite to come in their movie-star best. I will be wearing my luxurious Margaret Velveteen pant with a black and copper sequined top I adore and look forward to wearing at least once a year. Whether you’re wearing an elegant gown you had to buy for one special event and have never had the chance to wear again, a bridesmaid’s dress from years ago just for laughs, or a lucky vintage find at a thrift store, dress it up even more with some fabulous costume jewelry and you will feel like you are a part of the event instead of an onlooker. Finally, go all out with the makeup and hair! This is your chance to try that French twist and flaunt your red lipstick.

Create a glamorous atmosphere for your party with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and enlist the help of your special man or man friend to take everyone’s picture as they arrive, just like the stars arriving at the Oscars.

Most importantly, make sure everyone has a clear view of the television. Once you’ve had a chance to ooh and ah over each other’s outfits, the fun part comes in critiquing what the stars are wearing. Who will make your Hit or Miss list this Oscar night?

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