Introducing BellaMia Magazine March 24 2015, 0 Comments

I am so excited to be able to introduce you to one of my new favorite magazines. It’s called BellaMia, which translates to beautiful me or my beautiful, and the entire magazine focuses on things we can do to let our inner beauty shine through. Founded by Mia Saenz, a wonderful woman who I am honored to have the opportunity to work with, the magazine is Mia’s way of bringing her passions about self love and core confidence to all women. A very spiritual person herself, Mia has devoted her life to helping others find happiness within themselves.

This wonderful publication is all about helping women discover their true beauty, which is also what we promote at Go Free Pants! Just like Mia, we believe that true beauty comes from within. When you feel good about yourself, you walk with confidence and exude a sexiness that other people can’t help but notice.

I was excited to be asked to be a contributing writer for BellaMia Magazine, which you can read online. Given that National Healthcare Decision Day is coming up on April 16, I took the first opportunity as a contributing writer in the premiere issue which came out March 1, 2015 to educate readers about something that is very important to me - making sure you have documented your end of life plans. I know, talking about death is a very hard thing to do. But it is something we all should do long before the crisis to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for the inevitable. If you haven’t taken time for the 3 D’s, Decide, Discuss and Document, now is a great time to do it. Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind by making your end of life wishes known so family members are not fretting, wringing their hands or arguing about what to do. They will know what to do because they heard it from you!

For help with creating your own advanced care directives, you can visit for more information.

And be sure to follow BellaMia Magazine for great information on all aspects of your life, from health and nutrition to beauty and exercise.