Celebrity Designers Finding Success March 01 2016, 0 Comments

I was never a huge fan of Full House. Although it was a cute show, it wasn’t one I watched. But with the cast reuniting for a reunion of sorts, in the new series Fuller House, it’s hard to avoid news about this show. It seems to get a lot of publicity, and one thing I noticed is the infamous twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, are absent from the lineup. It turns out these women, who started out in America’s living rooms playing the baby of the family on Full House, have left behind their acting careers to follow their true passion: fashion. They have become award-winning fashion designers and have a beautiful collection under the brand The Row. I was so impressed at what they’ve accomplished. Their line for spring 2016 looks absolutely stunning, with lots of flowing fabrics and neutral colors.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen aren’t the only celebrities who have found success in the fashion world. Here are a few that we love:

Kate Hudson, Fabletics. The star who was almost destined to be in movies, with parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, has found another outlet in addition to acting. She decided to launch a line of active wear that brought style and function to women at a reasonable price. Her line is amazing, full of pieces that you can wear to yoga class or even running errands around town. I love the fun colors in this line.

Melissa McCarthy, Seven7. Melissa’s own words say it best, “I’ve been every size on the planet, and know that I didn’t lose my sense of style because I went above a size 12.” Her wonderful line of clothes brings fashionable choices to women who wear anywhere from size small to 3X. And as we know at Go Free Pants, wearing clothes that fit and look great are one of the best ways to boost your confidence and feel sexy.

A couple of other celebrities with successful fashion lines you have most likely heard of include Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson.

All of these women devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to their clothing lines. They know that success doesn’t come without hard work. But it’s also clear to see that they love what they’re doing, and have a mission in their work that helps keep them inspired.

They truly are an inspiration for me! 

Another inspiring group of women are the writers for BellaMia Magazine, of which I am honored to be one.  Check out the awesome February issue here.  Cheers to Love!