The Essentials of Cover Ups March 16 2016, 0 Comments

You will see a lot written about bathing suits over the course of the next few weeks. But there’s another essential summer item that rarely gets any press: the bathing suit cover up. I say essential because few women who are past her twenties wouldn’t be caught dead without one. Teenagers and twenty-somethings might be fine strutting around in just a bathing suit from the car to the pool or over to the snack bar, but as for me, I feel a little more comfortable with a little more material covering my body when I’m not right beside a body of water!

There are three things that are important when choosing a cover up.

First, it should be easy to get on and off. A quick tie around the waist or something that slips easily over the head is key. There’s nothing worse than getting to your chair by the pool and then feeling like you’re making a spectacle of yourself just getting out of your cover up.

Second, it should be easy to care for. No delicate hand wash or dry clean only materials here! After all, these garments are worn around chlorine and saltwater, you need to be able to wash it and keep it fresh with little worry.

Third, it needs to look nice. Nice enough to take me from the pool to a quick stop at the grocery store, pumping gas, or even a quick drink with friends before heading home. Something I’m proud to wear even when not at the pool or the beach!

Here are a few of my top picks for this summer.

Crinkle Chiffon Kimono Cover up from Old Navy


Blush by Profile at Nordstrom


Fringe Cover Up Dress from Victoria’s Secret


Magicsuit Convertible Jersey Cover Up at Dillards



Summer is just around the corner!  I'm not crazy about the annual dreaded event of trying on bathing suits, but knowing I’ve got a great cover up makes the process much more fun!