Embracing Pink Season October 07 2014, 0 Comments

I used to associate fall with subdued colors like maroon, navy blue and Army green. But these days, the color for October is pink! You see it everywhere, from Wilson tennis balls to lids on Yoplait yogurt. And of course, everyone is wearing pink. The great thing is, it’s all for a good cause! Over the years, millions of dollars have been raised through projects like those Yogurt lids and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to help fund breast cancer research. And organizations like the American Cancer Society are raising awareness of the disease, giving people the information they need to live healthier lives and help prevent breast cancer, as well as emphasizing the importance of regular screening.

We here at Go Free Pants are all about women’s health. After all, feeling healthy is the first step in looking and feeling sexy. So in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are doing our part to help raise awareness. Schedule your yearly mammogram. If you haven’t already, make that appointment. Every woman over 40 should have a mammogram every year, and women under 40 should schedule a yearly mammogram if they are at high risk for developing breast cancer.

I know, it’s not the most fun you’ll have in your life. But early detection saves lives. And mammograms are still the best tool available for screening for breast cancer. While breast cancer remains the second leading cancer cause of death in women (behind lung cancer), the death rate has been declining since 1989, in part to improved screening, awareness and treatment.

So pull that pink shirt out of your closet. After all, pink goes great with any pants in our Go Free Pants Collection. And don’t be afraid to talk about breast cancer with all of the great women in your life. Just opening up the topic could end up saving lives.