5 Stress-Relief Tips, Just in Time for Tax Deadline! April 08 2015, 0 Comments

We all know the key to looking good is feeling good on the inside. That means getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and keeping your stress level as low as possible. But that can be hard to do with April 15 looming in the near horizon! Whether you’re working on an individual tax return or you own your own business and have to keep track of expenses and maybe even work with an accountant, the forms, receipts and that ever-present deadline can be a big stress in our lives. And who wants to feel stressed when the grass is getting greener, trees are getting buds and flowers are blooming all over the place?

Just in time for tax season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite stress relief techniques. Practice a few of these to get you through April 15, or any time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. They work wonders!

  1. Just Breathe. It might seem simple, but taking a few minutes to do a deep-breathing exercise has been shown to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and slowly inhale, taking air in all the way down to your abdomen. Then exhale just as slowly, letting all that stress escape with your breath through your mouth.
  2. Practice Progressive Relaxation. This one takes the breathing a step further to concentrate on relaxing your muscles. Lay down flat and make sure your clothing is comfortable. Contract the muscles in your left foot, count to ten, then release. Do the same for your right foot, and progressively move up your body, one muscle group at a time, legs, hands, and arms. When you’re finished, you’ll feel as light as air.
  3. Chew Gum. Right up there with breathing, this is pretty easy. Studies have shown that chewing gum reduces cortisol levels, the chemical that causes us to feel stressed.
  4. Talk to Someone. Pick up the phone and call a friend or relative, or meet up with a friend or your spouse/significant other for lunch. Sharing what’s going on in your day is a great way to get things off your chest, and maybe even get some valuable feedback.
  5. Get some Exercise. Whether it’s a walk with the dog, throwing Frisbee with your kids or just taking a break from your office chair to walk up and down some steps, getting moving is a great way to relieve stress.

And don’t forget, April 16 is a pretty important date as well, it’s National Healthcare Decision Day. Once you’ve turned in those 1040s to Uncle Sam, sit down with your loved ones and have a discussion about your end of life wishes, and get it down in writing. It’s one of the best things you can do to relieve the stress of not knowing what your loved one would want should an unexpected illness or accident occur. Do it for you and your family’s peace of mind.


Happy Tax Day April 15, Happy Healthcare Decisions Day April 16, and Happy Go Free Day – a day you can enjoy every day of the year!

Introducing BellaMia Magazine March 24 2015, 0 Comments

I am so excited to be able to introduce you to one of my new favorite magazines. It’s called BellaMia, which translates to beautiful me or my beautiful, and the entire magazine focuses on things we can do to let our inner beauty shine through. Founded by Mia Saenz, a wonderful woman who I am honored to have the opportunity to work with, the magazine is Mia’s way of bringing her passions about self love and core confidence to all women. A very spiritual person herself, Mia has devoted her life to helping others find happiness within themselves.

This wonderful publication is all about helping women discover their true beauty, which is also what we promote at Go Free Pants! Just like Mia, we believe that true beauty comes from within. When you feel good about yourself, you walk with confidence and exude a sexiness that other people can’t help but notice.

I was excited to be asked to be a contributing writer for BellaMia Magazine, which you can read online. Given that National Healthcare Decision Day is coming up on April 16, I took the first opportunity as a contributing writer in the premiere issue which came out March 1, 2015 to educate readers about something that is very important to me - making sure you have documented your end of life plans. I know, talking about death is a very hard thing to do. But it is something we all should do long before the crisis to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for the inevitable. If you haven’t taken time for the 3 D’s, Decide, Discuss and Document, now is a great time to do it. Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind by making your end of life wishes known so family members are not fretting, wringing their hands or arguing about what to do. They will know what to do because they heard it from you!

For help with creating your own advanced care directives, you can visit for more information.

And be sure to follow BellaMia Magazine for great information on all aspects of your life, from health and nutrition to beauty and exercise.

Our 5 Favorite Spring Fashion Trends March 11 2015, 0 Comments

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more refreshing than pulling your sundresses and sandals out of your closet. Especially after the winter we’ve just been through, with record-breaking snowfalls in Boston and very cold temperatures throughout most of the country in February and even early this month, we’ll all be ready to trade our wool sweaters and heavy coats for some t-shirts, sexy capris and flirty skirts.

Sometime it’s hard to bring those runway styles into your own wardrobe, but from what I saw on the runways for spring, I think we’ll all have fun adapting the ideas of top designers into our own, everyday fashion. Here are some of my favorite trends.  I love them not only because they’re cheery, but getting these styles is also pretty affordable!

  1. Floral prints- From bathing suits to shoes, you’ll see flowers all over the place this spring. And we’re not talking dainty little buttercups here. These patterns are full of big, bold flowers with bright splashes of color. I love how a pair of heels with a floral print can really brighten up a pair of our Kathryn pants in stone!
  2. Gingham- Yes, that innocent checked pattern you may remember from your childhood days is coming back in style. It’s been around a few seasons in men’s shirts, and now we’re seeing it in women’s clothes as well. There is just something fresh and clean about gingham that I can’t resist.

  3. Top-to-toe white- Put away those blacks and grays of winter. Spring is all about white, from head to toe! It might sound like a neutral, but wearing all white makes a pretty bold statement.
  4. Suede for Spring- That’s right, the material normally delegated to fall and winter is hanging around a few more months. Trade in your dark, heavy overcoat for a lighter suede jacket or vest. But make sure it’s in a light, spring-like color as well! Pale pink or green suede looks great in the bright days of spring.
  5. Looks from the 70’s- You read right, the decade of choice for the retro look is now the 70’s, but it’s toned down
    just a little! Wide pants, jumpsuits and even fringe are making a comeback. I think I might just have to try a fringe shirt with my favorite pair of Go Free Pants!

Glamming it Up for the Oscars February 18 2015, 0 Comments

I love watching the Oscars. But more than finding out whether Boyhood or Birdman snags the best picture award, I’m glued to the television to see what everyone is wearing. I start early, watching the red carpet pre-shows. After all, that’s where you really get a good glimpse of the magnificent gowns and wacky outfits, especially for stars who are attending but not presenting or nominated for an award.

It’s so much fun to see the glamor and what fashion statements these starlets will make. After all, some of what we see does filter down into the everyday world, from color choices to hem lengths.

If the Golden Globes are any indication, I expect we’ll see quite a bit of color at this year’s Oscars. Red and yellow were the big players at the Golden Globes, a trend that’s sure to be continued this weekend. And my prediction - some royal blue. The color seems to be popping up everywhere, and will be a great, eye-catching color to contrast with the red carpet. Of course, the majority of stars opt for neutral colors, but they never quite look neutral on the red carpet, with jeweled accents and daring cuts livening up dresses of off-white, silver, and the evening-gown staple, black.

While it’s not likely we get a chance to dress like a movie star going to the Oscars in our own everyday life, why not use the Oscars as your chance to live it up a little? Rather than just watching the red carpet specials at home and sending out tweets into cyberspace, gather up your friends for a Red Carpet Party. I held one last year and it was loads of fun! Encourage everyone you invite to come in their movie-star best. I will be wearing my luxurious Margaret Velveteen pant with a black and copper sequined top I adore and look forward to wearing at least once a year. Whether you’re wearing an elegant gown you had to buy for one special event and have never had the chance to wear again, a bridesmaid’s dress from years ago just for laughs, or a lucky vintage find at a thrift store, dress it up even more with some fabulous costume jewelry and you will feel like you are a part of the event instead of an onlooker. Finally, go all out with the makeup and hair! This is your chance to try that French twist and flaunt your red lipstick.

Create a glamorous atmosphere for your party with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and enlist the help of your special man or man friend to take everyone’s picture as they arrive, just like the stars arriving at the Oscars.

Most importantly, make sure everyone has a clear view of the television. Once you’ve had a chance to ooh and ah over each other’s outfits, the fun part comes in critiquing what the stars are wearing. Who will make your Hit or Miss list this Oscar night?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pre-Oscar Week

Oscar night is exciting, but there's a lot of celebrating and partying that goes on before the big event. Back in 2011, I was invited to participate in the Pre-Oscar Week events, and it was loads of fun! Check out some of the pictures from my time in Beverly Hills here.

Wear Red for Valentine’s and for Women! February 11 2015, 0 Comments

February is the month for red. From red hearts and red roses to red lipstick and red dresses, the bright color helps cheer us all up on these dreary cold winter days. Most of us associate that passionate color with the love and romance of Valentine’s Day. But wearing red in the month of February isn’t just for Valentine’s Day anymore. Thanks to the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, wearing red signifies your awareness that heart disease isn’t just a man’s disease. One in three women die of heart disease or stroke, and through education and raising awareness the AHA is communicating that there is a way to prevent those deaths and hopefully lower the numbers.

This is a message we totally get behind here at Go Free Pants. After all, being healthy and feeling good is the first step in feeling sexy and having confidence in yourself.

Take the advice of the AHA, and make some changes in your lifestyle to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Here are a few small ways that make a big difference:

  • Get more active. Whether it’s parking farther away from a store’s entrance so the walk is longer or setting up a regular date at the gym, getting your body moving is important for good heart health.
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats.
  • Control your blood pressure, especially if it is already high.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Let the world know you’re aware of the risk factors and ways to prevent heart disease by wearing red often this month. People will definitely notice you in that bright color! Pick out your favorite red sweater or blouse and pair it with our comfortable Lindsay cords. You’ll not only feel sexy, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause!

A Chat with Designer Amanda Vaughn-Redmon January 20 2015, 0 Comments

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Vaughn-Redmon yet, you will! This talented young lady is following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and her work is starting to take off. Recently I had the great privilege of sitting down to talk with her, to learn more about her inspiration, her styles, and what she sees for her future.

When did you know you wanted to become a designer?

As a kid I was always creative, doing a little bit of everything but mostly drawing and painting. In middle school I became more interested in fashion, and spent time each night planning and styling my outfits for the next day.

I really loved fashion, but didn’t think I could make a career out of it, so after high school I went to school to study graphic design. All of my projects reflected my love of fashion, and my teachers saw it and pushed me to transfer to an art college where I could follow that dream. I took the leap, and owe them a lot of thanks for helping me realize I could do what I loved as a career.

What was your big "break" that got you where you are today?

Before I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design I had already gotten a job with Urban Outfitters. When the designer I was working under left, I had the opportunity to step up and fill in for her and really make myself known. I had designs on the floor in less than two months after starting my new job, and a few were best sellers. That was my big break for sure!

These days I still do some work for Urban Outfitters, as well as Belk. But it was that early experience that gave me the confidence to start my own design company, Formation Design Studios. That is where I can really let my own style show through.

Here are some of Amanda's latest designs:




What are some of your favorite fashion trends for 2015?

I am loving the minimalist approach in design right now. The shapes are not too difficult or too structured, but open and comfortable. There is also a hint of architecture and geometry, which I love. This has always been a direction in my own line, which is probably why I like what I’m seeing in other lines for 2015 so much.

And as much as I love solids and texture, I am totally okay with the big and bold floral prints I am seeing on the runway right now. Flower power is back!

What is one affordable and easy thing you do to look more stylish even if you're just going out to run errands?

I rarely go out without thinking about what I am wearing. I've never been a jeans and t-shirt gal, so the casual thing is not easy for me. I am a more-than-one-layer kind of gal. Casual to me is leggings, but then I always have a dress layered under a cocoon throw or something like that. Even if it's just that one piece thrown over the casual layer to make the outfit stand out. I also believe the shoes or boots you wear can really step up an outfit.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet, and why?

Right now my favorite is a vintage wool poncho that I just found. It has been a finishing piece for my outfits for the last few weeks, because it’s not only great-looking but extremely versatile and warm.

What advice can you give to women who may want to pursue a career in fashion?

First of all, it is a very exciting industry, and I believe in following your dreams. But also know you need to have a thick skin, because there is a lot of "constructive criticism" along the way. It is a great industry for someone who is innovative and creative, and who can forecast trends naturally. That will get you further in the field. I would also tell them to try and narrow down what they want to do within the fashion world, whether it’s designer, buyer, or stylist. There are a lot of options!

Find out more about Amanda and check out some of her great designs at Formation Design Studio, and follow her on Instagram at formationdesign.

Easy Tips for Feeling Sexy in the New Year January 06 2015, 0 Comments

We are officially in 2015. The first few days of the new year are usually a time for reflection and making new goals. The commercials for gyms, weight loss programs and aids to help quit smoking are a clue to what the New Year’s resolutions for many Americans are. When it comes down to it, most of our resolutions center around one thing, which is to become a better person. The way to be the best you is to feel good about yourself, and once you’ve got that covered, you’ll exude sexy confidence wherever life takes you.

I truly believe that sexy comes from the inside. It doesn’t matter what your age or size, as much as how you feel about yourself. So here are a few ways to help boost that good-for-you feeling throughout 2015.

  • Get moving. You don’t necessarily have to be one of the thousands (or maybe millions) of Americans signing up at a gym to get in better shape this year. The point is to just do something. Find an exercise you like to do, or a class you love, and make a schedule that fits with your busy life. And be more active in your daily life! Take the stairs, park farther from the supermarket door. The word on the street is that walking 10,000 steps a day can help burn enough calories to lose weight. And that’s without sweating it out in the gym!
  • Pay attention to what goes in your body. The new movement to “eat local” is one I really get on board with. I’m lucky to live in North Carolina where our growing season is long and our crops are varied. Paying attention to what’s fresh and in-season will help you incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Buy clothes that fit. There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze into a pair of pants that haven’t fit for three years. Not only are you uncomfortable wearing them, but it doesn’t do your confidence any good if you walk around all day feeling fat. A good pair of pants or a skirt that fits well is way more flattering than trying to wear something just because it’s the size you wish you were. Embrace your size and flaunt it!
  • While you’re at it, buy some Go Free Pants! Our specially-designed pants are made to be worn without underwear, so you never have to worry about that dreaded panty-line. And another bonus, not wearing panties gives you a sense of freedom and sexiness that you have as your little secret all day long!

Throw those unrealistic New Year’s resolutions out the window, and instead, just focus on feeling confident and happy. A little goes a long way!

From all of us here at Go Free Pants, we wish you all the best in 2015!

Great Coats Keep Style Going Even in Cold Weather! December 16 2014, 0 Comments

Don’t you hate it when you spend time putting together a really classy outfit, but then no one sees it because you’ve got it covered up with a big, bulky coat? This winter, instead of hiding your style under your coat, let your coat be part of your fashion statement!

Today there are so many styles and colors to choose from at affordable prices, you can throw practicality out the window and let your sense of style be up front and center. Here are a few new coats I like this season...

You’re totally prepared for the elements with this wool duffel coat from H&M. Its feminine cut keeps it from looking too bulky, and you can brighten it up with colorful scarves and gloves.

A pea coat is also a great traditional pick. Take it up a notch with bright colors like red and teal from Old Navy.

Duster coats are big this year, and I love the glamorous look they add to any outfit. Plus, the length helps keep your legs warm! Check out this duster from ASOS.


A sleek hooded parka from Eddie Bauer exudes an urban look, making a stylish statement while keeping you warm and toasty. Today’s parkas are not nearly as bulky as they used to be. After all, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t want to show off our curves!

And who says it has to be a coat when there are awesome vest options that are fashionable as well as warm. Check this one out from Macy's.

While you’re shopping online, don’t forget to pick up a couple of pair of Go Free Pants to help make a style statement with that new coat. There’s nothing like a new outfit to make you feel sexy and confident!


This duster keeps you warm while adding elegance to your outfit.

Let Your Holiday Style Shine Through! December 02 2014, 0 Comments

The holidays bring its own style along with it, and I’m not necessarily talking about the big, bulky Christmas sweaters. Office parties, special gatherings, concerts and other events, culminating in ringing in the New Year, each give you a chance to pull out some special jewelry, wear your sparkly tops and sweaters and sport the high glam shoes that you’ve been dying to wear but couldn’t find the right occasion. Here are a few things I feel like I can get away with at the holidays, more so than other times of the year.

Red Lipstick. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a New Year’s Eve celebration, red lips are a must. Glamour has great tips for finding the right red lipstick for your skin tone.

Major Bling. This the perfect time to pull out those diamonds and pearls, and costume jewelry is just fine if that’s what you’ve got. Nothing says “party” like some sparkly jewelry! Just be sure not to over-accessorize. By limiting the amount of jewelry, you draw more attention to the one amazing piece that you want to stand out.

Glitter and Sparkles. We all have one of those tops in our closet that says Red Carpet! Now is the time to get it out! Whether it’s sequins or rhinestones, wear that thing with pride. And while you’re at it, pair it up with our elegant velveteen Go Free Pants with the satin pocket trim for a really classy look.

Party Dresses. The sequins aren’t just for tops and sweaters! Show off your fashion know-how with a statement making dress at this year’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. And why stick to the tried and true little black dress? Jazz it up with deep reds and glamorous golds, as seen on this Pinterest page. The choices are limitless, but they all have one thing in common -- a feminine, sexy look that is sure to turn heads.

Everyone at Go Free Pants hopes you have a great holiday season! Whether you’re booked with parties or you’re planning a relaxing time at home with the family, wearing some fun holiday fashions is a great way to enjoy the season and have you looking and feeling your best. Pull out that favorite Christmas ensemble that you only get to wear this time of year and embrace the holidays!

Socks, Tights: Get It All With Bootights! November 18 2014, 0 Comments

There’s nothing I love more than creative fashion. After all, I’m wearing my own invention, Go Free Pants, right now! As you all know, they were born from my frustration with panty lines and give women a solution that looks good and feels great.

I feel I must have a kindred spirit in Shelby Mason. Her Bootights are an innovative product that I have completely fallen in love with! Her combination of socks and tights all in one made a product that’s extremely comfortable and solves so many problems.

This time of year, boots are usually my go-to shoe. Tall boots with a nice heel can dress up a skirt instantly, and even better, they help keep your legs warm. Short boots are fun too, and I love throwing them on with a pair of jeans on weekends, or wearing my dressier booties with my Go Free cords to work. But boots can be hard on tights and pantyhose. They cause runs and snags in our favorite tights, and walking too far in boots with hose can rub some horrible blisters on your feet.

Enter Shelby, with her wonderful invention. She took a pair of tights, but made the foot part a performance sock. Not only is it comfortable, but it has a mesh zone for ventilation and moisture-wicking fibers to keep your feet cool and dry. Her products come in a variety of styles and colors. You can get long socks for your tall boots and short socks for short boots.

Even better, these wonderful products are made in my home state of North Carolina. Her creation has turned into a successful product line that is helping out our local economy and putting more Americans to work.

Check out her product line today. I’m sure they’ll soon become a must-have in your wardrobe, as they have in mine.

Hospice=Love in Action November 06 2014, 0 Comments

I see it every day through my involvement with hospice. Wonderful men and women, doctors, nurses, CNAs, chaplains and support staff doing their jobs that they have a calling for, but even more than that, they are filled with compassion and love for their patients and the patients’ families. Working in the hospice environment offers patients and families support medically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, and is extremely rewarding as they care for people in their last chapters here on Earth. It means so much for the patients and their families to have wonderful care and guidance during what can be the most challenging and emotional time of their lives.

November is National Hospice Month, and this year’s theme is Love in Action, which is exactly what each person who works with hospice embodies. But it’s also a time for us to put our love into action. If you’ve been in a situation where a loved one has needed hospice care, consider showing your support and appreciation for the wonderful folks who give themselves every day. Take in some special baked goods, or send a card, as a token of your appreciation. You can also speak up to elected officials and ask them to help support hospice through the National Association for Home Care & Hospice Legal Action Network.

Even more importantly, Hospice Month is a great time to educate people on the importance of advance care planning. End of life care is something that is hard for us to think about, but if anything were to happen to you, such as an accident or a serious illness, would your loved ones know your wishes?

Creating an end of life plan is more than just signing a few papers. It is a process that includes communicating your wishes, deciding what kind of care you want and documenting your wishes through a living will and a health care power of attorney. And you need to do it NOW, when you are happy and healthy, long before the crisis hits. A group of hospitals and hospice agencies in North Carolina have teamed up to help make this process simpler. Visit Got Plans? to see just how simple it is to create your end of life plan, and start the discussion today. It will help give you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing your wishes will be honored. And peace of mind is something we all could use more of!

Happy Hospice Month! And remember, a portion of the proceeds of Go Free Pants go to support hospice and cancer research. So shop Go Free, and support hospice at the same time!

Getting in Sync with Fall Styles October 21 2014, 0 Comments

I love the weather this time of year. Cool, crisp mornings are so invigorating, and soaking up the sun on those warm, Indian-summer afternoons helps me remember that even though cold weather is on its way, there’s always the promise of summer next year. But the cold/hot/cold/hot weather this time of year comes with its own challenges -- what to wear?!

Embracing Pink Season October 07 2014, 0 Comments

I used to associate fall with subdued colors like maroon, navy blue and Army green. But these days, the color for October is pink! You see it everywhere, from Wilson tennis balls to lids on Yoplait yogurt. And of course, everyone is wearing pink. The great thing is, it’s all for a good cause! Over the years, millions of dollars have been raised through projects like those Yogurt lids and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to help fund breast cancer research. And organizations like the American Cancer Society are raising awareness of the disease, giving people the information they need to live healthier lives and help prevent breast cancer, as well as emphasizing the importance of regular screening.

We here at Go Free Pants are all about women’s health. After all, feeling healthy is the first step in looking and feeling sexy. So in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are doing our part to help raise awareness. Schedule your yearly mammogram. If you haven’t already, make that appointment. Every woman over 40 should have a mammogram every year, and women under 40 should schedule a yearly mammogram if they are at high risk for developing breast cancer.

I know, it’s not the most fun you’ll have in your life. But early detection saves lives. And mammograms are still the best tool available for screening for breast cancer. While breast cancer remains the second leading cancer cause of death in women (behind lung cancer), the death rate has been declining since 1989, in part to improved screening, awareness and treatment.

So pull that pink shirt out of your closet. After all, pink goes great with any pants in our Go Free Pants Collection. And don’t be afraid to talk about breast cancer with all of the great women in your life. Just opening up the topic could end up saving lives.

Inspired by Fashion Weeks! September 23 2014, 0 Comments

September is the month for Fashion Weeks. New York starts it off, then London and Milan, and today is actually the kick off day in Paris. While we are still waiting to see what the gorgeous models will be wearing on the runways this week in Paris, we’ve already gotten a pretty good look at what to expect for Spring 2015.

Wear Teal and Help Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer! September 09 2014, 0 Comments

We here at Go Free Pants are very upfront about our support for women’s issues, especially concerning women’s health. Which is why we are helping get the word out about ovarian cancer, in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly cancers in women, as the 5th leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women ages 35-74. It is called the silent killer because it is often not found until in its final stages: 60% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already in Stage 3, where the survival rate is as low as 30%.

It also has the reputation of being a silent killer because for years it was thought there were no symptoms. But there are! We need to spread the word, to let women know what to be looking for. Early warning signs of ovarian cancer include:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Feeling the need to urinate urgently and often

You can help break the silence by wearing teal this month in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Teal is a great color for fall. Its brightness helps bring color to your face and accentuate your features. Of course you can always go with traditional pairings such as black pants or a pink skirt with your teal blouse. But blogger Annie Suh [] gives us some other great color ideas, such as teal with brown, yellow, peach or cranberry. After all, what better way to build awareness than by making a fashion statement?

In addition to pulling out your favorite teal blouse or sweater, you can add to your collection by choosing some of the great items on Choose Hope, including scarves, t-shirts, watches and hats. This is a for-profit organization, but they donate large sums of money each month to cancer research, including $5,000 in August to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

So pull out your favorite pair of Go Free Pants and put them on with something teal. Then make sure to let people know why you’re wearing this fun color. It’s up to all of us to help break the silence!


Take a Break! It’s Only Fashionable August 19 2014, 0 Comments

Did you know that in France, most people are given a 30-day vacation? Imagine the chaos if everyone was taking their 30-day vacation privilege at different times during the year! To help maintain some order and keep the economy going, most companies in France just shut down for the month of August.

In the fashion world, this timing seems a little strange. After all, September is the month of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and the fashion capital itself, Paris. Wouldn’t you think they would need to be hard at work during August to be ready? But for a country like France that places a high priority on balancing work and leisure, the time off is highly important. And the top designers will all be ready at the end of September, showing off fabulous new designs for Spring and Summer 2015 on their striking runway models.

As the hot, humid days of August bear down on us, I’m starting to think there’s something we can all learn from the French. I’d love to have the month of August off, as it can be a challenging time to look sexy and put together while worrying about your makeup running and sweat stains seeping through your nice clothes. Add to that it’s rather hard to concentrate on writing memos and attending meetings when sandy beaches and cool mountain retreats beckon.

The fact is we all need a vacation. It might not be a forced vacation in August here in the United States, but taking time off from work is crucial to maintaining a healthy disposition, and could even increase your productivity when you are at work. If you’ve already taken your summer vacation this year, good for you! If not, take a tip from the fashion experts in Paris and jet off somewhere for a few days in August. If you can’t afford to make a getaway, enjoy a staycation! A few hours at the pool, a nice round of golf or even just sitting on your own patio, all with your phones and emails turned off and work out of mind, can do wonders for your mental outlook.

We all know that feeling good is the most important step to a sexy you! So take a few days off, relax, eat well, get plenty of sleep, do some shopping and rejuvenate. And in the meantime, we’ll all be anxiously awaiting what the fashion world will bring in September.


Lighten Up with Summer Makeup August 05 2014, 0 Comments

Even though we diligently slather sunscreen on our faces, by this time of the summer, we all have a little natural glow to our cheeks. Take advantage of that summer look and lighten up with your makeup! You’ll save a little time in the morning, and give your skin a little break as well. Here are a few tips to help keep you looking sexy all summer long.

* Ditch the foundation. Those heavy makeups tend to slip and slide when we sweat anyway. Make do with a tinted moisturizer and a concealer, and you’ll be surprised at how great your skin looks. Personally, I use a little blush and then apply Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. It feels like silk and does an amazing job of covering up imperfections in the skin. It also helps keep makeup in place, especially on those humid August days.

* Trade in your lipstick for a tinted lip balm. Even our lips get a little color from the sun, and lip balms help highlight the natural color while providing a glossy, fresh-from-the-pool look. Keep those beautiful lipsticks for fall, when the darker colors and heavier styles are more appropriate.

* Lighten up your eyes. There’s no need for heavy eyeliner and fancy glittery shadows. Summer is the time for a clean, fresh look, so less is more. I try to keep my eyeliner thin and light. If you wear eye shadow, find one color you like, such as a coppery bronze or a cheery pink, and apply it lightly. Creams can be a good choice, as they’ll stay in place better in the heat.

* Use water resistant or smudge proof mascara. It’s less harsh than the waterproof varieties, yet still gives you the staying power you need on steamy summer days.

Makeup is a fun way to help us feel sexy, and that’s what we’re all about here at Go Free Pants! Check out our capris, on sale right now and a great choice for summer. Together with a slim tank top and your new summer makeup, you’ll be making a sexy fashion statement the moment you walk out your door.

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We talk a lot about feeling sexy on this blog. After all, there’s nothing like a great fitting pair of pants to make you feel good about yourself. But we’re also really into staying healthy. Did you know that going without underwear is actually good for you on a health benefit side, as well as boosting your self-esteem?

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Remember back in the 80s, when all pants had waistbands that actually came up to your waist? Well guess what, it’s coming back in style! At least with shorts. This summer I’ve been seeing high-waisted shorts all over the place, from bleached-out denim shorts on teens to throwback, glamor shorts with six front buttons on women of all ages.

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Summer is now officially here, and that means it’s time to bring out those flirty sundresses and back-bearing tops. But let’s face it, even though we might show a little skin, don’t we want to make sure we’re fully supported? And even though I see plenty of girls walking around flaunting bra straps galore, I have enough of my mother’s voice in my head telling me none of that should be showing. Plus, when you’re wearing a really nice dress or top, you want the outfit to shine, not your bra!

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If I asked you, "Do you feel sexy?", what would you say? I wish you would say "YES!", but most of you would probably say "Sexy?  Me?  Heck no!"  Well, let's find a few ways to change that right now!

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Not long ago, this picture made the rounds on social media, along with a link to its blog post. These six women, all of various heights and body shapes, stand in white shorts and white tank tops. The writer states that all of these women weigh the “normal” Australian weight for women of 154 pounds. And you know what? Every single one of them wears a different dress size!

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Warm weather is here, and with it I’m longing to pull out my cute capris and sleeveless tops. But this early in the season, aren’t we all still white as a ghost from winter? I like to have a little bit of a healthy glow when wearing skin-bearing outfits, but my health and safety is a top priority.

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One of my favorite things to do is to go shopping. I love to see the new colors and styles and get inspired for my own designs. But who has the time? That’s what I love about Stella & Dot. Their online store makes shopping a breeze. And their fashion-forward jewelry lines are loved by celebrities as well as everyday women like myself.