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Gluten Free for Jen
I have got to say these were extremely comfortable. I loved the way they looked on me as well." Read the full article.

Joys of Life
"The shipping was fast and great! The pants were the most comfortable pants I ever wore. Fitted great and very smooth. ... I loved the feeling and the comfort wearing the pants. Awesome for casual wear. Great if you go to office, they are durable, comfortable and stylish at the same time. I am really happy with the GoFreePants and their concept. These pants are an elegant and a timeless addition to my collection! Highly recommended!" Read the full article.

Hanging Off The Wire
"I love these pants! They are so comfortable, and true to fit! I love corduroy pants for the fall and this pair adds to my wardrobe beautifully!" Read the full article.

Having Fun Saving
"I received the Tina Business Casual in Grey. As you guys know I have the opportunity to go on the daytime TV show, Studio 10 every few months and I am always a nervous wreak before the show! Is my hair ok? Is there anything in my teeth? Is my shirt in all the right places? Are my panty-lines really noticeable? With my Go Free pants, I have one less thing to worry about." Read the full article.

Kelly's Lucky You
"These pants are unbelievably comfortable. They are my new favorite, “go-to” pants. You know, the ones you reach for, over and over. The fabric has just the perfect amount of stretch – to feel comfortable but still look crisp and hang nicely. The cotton panel is comfy and gives you that feeling of “security” without the panties. It’s been a long time since I wore thongs – but I still remember the “ow” feeling :) Leave those thongs at home!" Read the full article.

Makobi Scribe
"Let me start off with saying that Tina, the founder of Go Free Pants, is amazing! Her story is amazing! That would only lead to her Go Free Pants are amazing!" Read the full article. Also check out her video product review of Go Free® Pants.

Free & Frugal Mommy of One
"I normally have a horrible time finding pants that fit in all the right places and I was amazed! Best part of all no panty lines." Read the full article. Also check out her video product review of Go Free® Pants.

Still Blonde After All These Years
Recently featured Go Free® Pants on their blog with a $165 product giveaway to one lucky reader.

Susan's Disney Family
Yes you will wonder "Why weren't women's pants always made this way?"
Read the full article and enter to win a pair of Go Free® pants of your choice.

Mom Vantage
"I really love these pants! I have worn them both dressed up and down, and each time I put them on I am amazed at how comfortable they are." Read the full article

Maureen French
"I loved wearing these pants! First of all, the fabric is a cotton twill with stretch…translation, they are SOOOOO comfortable. No more dying to get out of your pants and into your sweats when you get home." Read the full article

Celebrate Woman Today
"My favorite pair is Go Free jeans. I’ve been wearing them to my son’s tennis practice, running endless errands, working at my desk during the day. No matter where I am, I concentrate on the moment of truth and enjoyment, not on what I am wearing." Read the full article.
"When I put the capris on I was pleasantly surprised. They were a lot softer than I thought they would be. The material is a cotton twill and 3% spandex. They are so comfortable! It felt like I was wearing my pajamas!" Read the full article.


Flattering words from our boutiques & loyal customers...

"Your box with the corduroys and velveteen pants arrived when a customer who already has 2 pair of Go Free® was in the store. She wanted me to open the box right then but I didn’t have time to get to it that day. I told her I’d open the box tomorrow. Sure enough, she came back the next day and bought a pair of the velveteen. She loves Go Free® and I love carrying them in my store!"
Amy Epstein, La Perla, Oakmont, PA

"Our customers are always looking for a great fit, luxurious fabrics and a good price. Go Free hits the mark on all 3 and represents a fantastic value to the consumer. The hidden control panel is great feature as well as a talking point for our sales people. Customers now come looking specifically for Go Free and we are delighted to have them in our store!"
Esther Cooper, The Cooper Shoppe, Mystic, CT

"I was always relieved at the end of the day to be able to go home and take my thong off. The comfortable smooth cotton panel in Go Free® pants allows me to leave my thong in the drawer."
abby c.

"I have gone commando for years, but when I put on Go Free®, it was like night and day. The uncomfortable cross seam is gone and replaced with a wonderfully comfortable cotton panel. Now I hate every other pair of pants in my closet."
beth b.

"I first thought I would not be comfortable going without my underwear. The I put Go Free® on. That's all it took. There's a build-in panty so I don't have to wear anything else! That means no panty lines! I love Go Free® pants!"
barbara c.

"Why haven't they alway made women's pants like this?"
sarah f.

"I love my Go Free® pants! I have the business casual black. They are clearly very comfortable plus I can wear them with anything and everything- all 4 seasons! People, women and men, have given me compliments on the look and fit. They are fun to wear.  They are a must have in your wardrobe! I plan to buy all the styles eventually."
julie e.

"I ordered a pair and my first thought when I unwrapped them was what a great fabric!! I love that they are washable since the dry cleaners in my area charge a fortune and have ruined a number of items."
pam s.

"I bought three pairs of the Go Free® pants and receive lots of compliments on their slimming, classic style every time that I wear them. Because they are classic not a fad, I will be able to wear them with comfort, style and a smile for a long time. What a great wardrobe investment."
pat s.

"I have the Go Free® black capri pants. They are wonderful! I absolutely love them. The comfort and fit are the best."
helen m.

"Wore my new pants today - fantastic - they feel so good. Thank you so much for creating such a great pair of pants."
susan b.