What Women Say

Research and technology support the superior design of Go Free® pants. But nothing means more than the words of women from all over the country who have found and fell in love with the feeling of Go Free®. Read their five-star reviews.

Try these amazing pants! You will be transformed! Lydia Cornell.

Customer Reviews

julie m. says...

"I love my Go Free® pants! I have the business casual black. They are clearly very comfortable plus I can wear them with anything and everything- all 4 seasons! People, women and men, have given me compliments on the look and fit. They are fun to wear. They are a must have in your wardrobe! I plan to buy all the styles eventually."

pat s. says...

"I bought three pairs of the Go Free® pants and receive lots of compliments on their slimming, classic style every time that I wear them. Because they are classic not a fad, I will be able to wear them with comfort, style and a smile for a long time. What a great wardrobe investment."


Editorial Reviews

Keela Johnson, Forsyth Women Magazine writes...

"Go Free Pants are the most comfortable pants I own! My job may require a sales presentation in the morning followed by dropping off magazines in the afternoon, so I love that Go Free Pants pants offer a look of of professionalism while providing comfort and room to move! They are my favorite pants!"

CelebrateWomanToday.com writes...

"My favorite pair is Go Free jeans. I’ve been wearing them to my son’s tennis practice, running endless errands, working at my desk during the day. No matter where I am, I concentrate on the moment of truth and enjoyment, not on what I am wearing."

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