The Science Behind the Style.

What's the point of looking sexy if you don't feel comfortable? And what's sexier than feeling free? Free of panty lines. Free to look and feel your best. No restrictions. GoFree® comfort technology gives you something else pretty sexy – freedom of choice. With the hidden cotton panel, you have the option of wearing undergarments or pitching your panties altogether.

GoFree® takes a fresh step forward in women’s fashion with a pant designed exclusively for women by a woman. Why haven’t stylish pants always felt this free?

Liberate yourself from lines

So long, thongs! With Go Free® pants, you can part with unsightly panty lines and make undergarments optional. When you lose the lines, you don’t just look good, you avoid those irritating seams that can make you want to swear off pants altogether. No need to give up on a wardrobe staple. Go Free®, and see how sexy freedom looks and feels on you.

Sexy’s not supposed to be this comfortable

Let’s face it. We women make sacrifices to look beautiful. Pants that actually help you look and feel your best? With Go Free® pants, it’s finally possible. Our patent-pending design replaces the uncomfortable cross seam on typical pants with a smooth, antimicrobial cotton panel. Fresh, fabulous style.

The truth about what women put up with

Until now, pants that rub us the wrong way have just been a fact of life. The truth is we’re not only sacrificing comfort; we’re risking optimal health. Pants that constrict and aggravate our bodies can cause a host of issues. Go Free® removes the main culprit – the center cross seam – and replaces it with a smooth, antimicrobial cotton panel that fights bacteria and offers all day comfort.

The culprit: Traditional uncomfortable cross seam

The solution: Remove the cross seam

The style: Add an invisible comfort panel